Little Orchard Media

Little Orchard started with a simple ambition – to produce the best quality films that engaged audiences and a client’s budget could achieve. At the core of this is, a heartfelt passion for customer service – living in the client’s world and emphasising the very best of each of our clients.

This leads to insights about your business that can help engage your customers & clients in a much deeper way than any other medium. And because we work with leading marketing agencies and international clients, our knowledge of the landscapes you are working in is much richer and diverse.

In addition to the knowledge that informs our creativity, Little Orchard also produces films that others find hard to replicate. We get access to places & people others get refused, we get shots that others find hard to imagine, we make it look easy – all because we have experience people who love what they do, and get paid for it.

Our job is to make you, your products and your services at their very best, showing you to be the market leader & protecting your margins – it just happens we do that with Film.