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The Rockstar Mentoring Group is the UK's Number 1 Mentoring and Investment Company for Entrepreneurs.

Established in 2007 by Jonathan Pfahl, the team of mentors have now successfully mentored and helped over 6500 businesses of all sizes and sectors achieve financial objectives set by the mentors and clients.

Rockstar call this REAL Mentoring. This involves firstly matching the client with the most relevant and suitable mentor who can address their challenges, then work together to achieve a specific financial objective in the business over the set period of time they are together. This is typically 6 months.

Clients choose whether they want to meet their mentor between 1 and 4 hours a month OR to actually work along side them at the new Rockstar Hub. Based in the city of London, The first Rockstar Hub is a 140 desk huge open and interactive office space that provides clients with every area of their business they need to grow and become more successful.

These Include

  • 121 Mentoring by multi-millionaire entrepreneurs.
  • Weekly Group Mentoring Sessions
  • In house Marketing support
  • In house Funding
  • In house Digital Media
  • Weekly Networking
  • Event Space
  • In house legal and accounting

Ketan Makwana, Head of Operations at Rockstar Mentoring Group will be speaking on 19th March: Hall 2, 9:14am - 10am

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Telephone: 0845 652 2905


Twitter: @Rockstar_Group