Webwax Ltd.

Tags adwords, SEO, web design

We offer web design services to the UK and beyond. We create websites that are engaging, simple to navigate and have good SEO as a cornerstone of the build. We design a great variety of websites from simple 2 or 3 page sites to enterprise level ecommerce and large dynamic websites built on CMS platforms.

We can run and administer Google adword campaigns (amongst other ppc advertising – Facebook ads etc) for you , allowing you to target audiences for whatever you need to monetarise on your website. We’ve run numerous successful adword campaigns for a wide variety of budgets and areas of business.

We offer advice on the best route to customer and client data capture and engagement. Let us design and manage a successful email marketing campaign for your company and keep people interested in what you’ve got to say.

We offer management of your customers information and subscriptions, and analytical insight to what exactly happened once that email landed in their inbox.

Website: www.webwax.co.uk