Prelude Group

Prelude works with some of the most experienced entrepreneurs in Britain to provide expertise and support that really drives businesses forward. It is also a campaigning voice for the fast-growing, job-creating businesses that the economy needs so badly.

Prelude is home to The Supper Club, an exclusive club of high-calibre entrepreneurs from across all sectors. It offers access to a vetted peer group, dinners and socials as well as media opportunities from local, trade and national press.

Prelude is passionate about enterprise and it is involved in several campaigns to push forward Britain’s entrepreneurial agenda.

Prelude offers advanced learning for entrepreneurs in the form of its ‘Master Class’, ‘Growth Partner Programme’ and ‘Speaker Boutique’ initiatives. Each programme harnesses years of entrepreneurial experience and channels it to members in digestible form.

Prelude also runs a programme for Britain’s future talent called ‘Rise To’, which connects enterprising young talent to Britain’s most entrepreneurial businesses.

It has been described as ‘a Do Tank, not a Think Tank’. After all, why think about making your business better when you can make it happen right now?