Ben Kench

Workshop speaker

Ben Kench
Business Channel TV

Author of "Selling For Dummies" and creator of 'The Business Booster' Ben Kench is a widely recognised and sought after speaker. His energy and charisma are infectious and his track record of growing business significantly with a 'human touch' is well documented.

Ben's passion is for business as a culture to 'evolve'. Combining new technologies, communication and connection forums The Business Channel TV represents a brand new and exciting step for all businesses wishing to improve, advance and integrate in tomorrows business world.

The Business Channel TV champions 'Conscious Business' and proudly gives you a forum where you can learn from and connect with the very best in business today. In today's seminar Ben will expand on his vision of the future of the business world and demonstrate how on-demand mobile learning with direct access to specialists and all underpinned with a 'code of practice' paves the way for a brighter future for all.

Workshop Title: TV & U ...OR How YOUR Business Can Grow Massively In This 'Video' Age.