Benjamin Schnau

Seminar speaker

Benjamin Schnau
CEO and Founder

Benjamin Schnau is an experienced Business Developer and bilingual speaker specialised in Big Data and Digital Media originally from Germany. As the founder of his consulting company 'BIPSet' he is now focusing on mentoring and coaching other entrepreneurs, established businesses and start-ups in business and people development for successfully growing and converting potential prospects into customers for getting their business to the next stage. People are the main asset a company has, therefore Benjamin knows what it takes to change every individuals mindset for being more efficient and disrupting the market. In various business areas including but not limited to IT software for Big Data and Digital Media he has already supported several US companies like Splunk and Nasdaq in business development, positioning and expansion entering the European market and contributed to market growth and sales. Through his activity abroad as the US and the UK he knows different cultural and market conditions very well.

In addition, he is involved in the Start-up scene in London and Berlin, and holds regularly seminars and lectures on Google Campus, Innovation Warehouse and Launch22 in both English and in German to young companies of all sectors to facilitate market entry. His focus is in business development, value selling, market positioning, product marketing, customer acquisition and customer satisfaction. He is the host in various business development and marketing events in order to enhance the exchange of existing businesses and future business partner



Seminar: Business development - How do I grow my business successfully