Darshana Ubl

Seminar speaker

Darshana Ubl

Indian born British entrepreneur, Darshana Ubl is an ambassador for UK small businesses on BBC News/Radio.

Darshana has a masters in economics along with international experience of working in seven countries around the world. She moved to the UK in 2011 and since set a Guinness Book World Record for the most number of people business networking, has grown businesses, supported charities and delivered 100+ keynote presentation (including TEDx) on topics of collaboration, triple win and various business issues.

Her latest venture ‘Verve Rally’ combines luxury cars and lifestyle for an exceptional holiday on wheels. They partner with brands such as Aston Martin, Dior and Centtrip. Her team also designs bespoke luxury packages for corporates and groups.

Her mantra is : " Make it a norm to perform, be grateful and fuel your growth through collaboration".

Visit: www.darshanaubl.com

Seminar: TripleWin : Get more from your meetings