Mavis Amankwah

Seminar speaker

Mavis Amankwah
Diversity & Inclusion Expert
Rich Visions

Her vision began in 2002 when she noticed that there was a major gap in the market where corporate and commercial organisations needed to tap into diverse and hard-to-reach audiences but had challenges engaging with them. Mavis founded Rich Visions Diversity Communications to bridge that gap. She has successfully steered the company to become one of the leading diversity communications agencies targeting niche audiences. Now in its 14th year with Mavis at the helm, Rich Visions has become an award winning agency. Rich Visions has worked and created campaigns with over 60 established commercial and corporate organisations including; ASDA, Comic Relief, HMRC, Metropolitan Police, HSBC and MoneyGram. In 2011 Rich Visions won the contract to deliver a communications campaign aimed at ethnic audiences for the Digital TV switchover.

In 2009, Mavis launched another arm of the agency; Rich Visions Small Business (RVSB) which has helped over 500 enterprises increase sales, marketing and revenue growth via business support, social media and PR. RVSB has also helped small businesses secure around £3million in low-interest loans. Mavis is a business mentor and strategist with a passion for helping businesses to grow. Mavis now has several brands, which includes BE Mogul and Diva Visions.

To date, Mavis has:

  • Worked with large corporate brands
  • Mentored over 500 business owners
  • How to instantly standout from the competition and be remembered.
  • Created a million pound company, across brands
  • Has helped a number of business owners to increase their profitability by over 50%
  • She is an expert in securing commercial partnerships and high-value government contracts
  • Mavis is a public speaker, and she holds regular events in the UK, and is invited to speak internationally often. She is an author, and published her first book “44 Ways to Grow Your Business or Brand: a step-by-step guide to increase profits,” in 2011. She has spoken at Lloyds HQ and also NatWest/RBS HQ. Mavis has also spoken alongside the likes of Richard Branson, Kanya King and Dianne Abbot. Her content is always direct, tangible and delivered in an informative way.

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