Tracey Smolinski

Workshop speaker

Tracey Smolinski
Founder and Managing Director

Tracey Smolinski is the Founder and Managing Director of Wales’ largest networking company, Introbiz.

With over 300 members within the network, the business has grown significantly since its inception back in 2009. Today, there are a range of industries and sectors looking to make business connection, which is why Introbiz has become so successful. This is what we specialise in.

Hosting weekly networking events as well as Wales’ biggest business Expo, the company has enjoyed great success over the last few years. Tracey is even being mentored by Rich Dad, Poor Dad author, Sharon Lechter and has been fortunate enough to speak alongside the world renowned business mentor.

Tracey is well known for her commitment and drive to providing valuable information. Her talks are extremely powerful and compelling as she leaves the audience feeling completely energized and ready to take on the world!

One of the reasons Tracey stands out as a speaker is that she brings her own personal experiences to her talks. She speaks openly about how she got networking very wrong during her first three months as she was giving it the hard sell and almost completely gave up on it, but not before she took on some very sound advice, which ultimately led to the birth of Introbiz.

Today, she offers free training sessions for the members whilst also training in schools on behalf of the Welsh Government, is a proud Big Ideas Role Model and she’s extremely passionate about helping charities.

Tracey has also released a book, Master Networking – How to Build Business Relationships for Profit and Success which talks firsthand about Tracey’s experience of the networking world and offers advice on how to be best networker you can be.

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