Chris Abbass

Founder & CO-CEO Talentful

Chris Abbass has more than a decade of expertise in leadership and recruitment for game-changing technology  companies. He is the Co-CEO of Talentful, a global talent consultancy which he founded in 2015 with Phil Blaydes.

Chris  has been instrumental in the growth and expansion of Talentful since its inception and now oversees Talentful's US  headquarters in San Francisco. Chris is a member of the Forbes HR Council and offers his human-first philosophy and  insights on the power of leadership, company culture, and redefining recruitment for the transformative age.   

Before founding Talentful, Chris was the UK Head of Talent at Audible the world's leading provider of premium digital  spoken word and entertainment. Prior to that, he was Head of Talent at Zopa, Europe's leading peer-to-peer lending  company and Lead Recruiter at Shazam, focusing on engineering talent.