Devika Wood

Founder Vida

Devika has been in the entrepreneur ecosystem for 7 years, before Founding Vida in May 2016. Devika started her career at Google at 18, followed by becoming a cancer research scientist at Imperial and achieving a Masters in Public Health from Imperial University. Devika has worked on the development of two award-winning health tech start-up in the UK – Babylon and Medefer, which gave her the skills to found Vida.

Devika ran two incubators in a VC, Hambro Perks and inseminated 3 business ideas, that raised funds. Her passion to innovate and disrupt in the care industry, came from being a young carer for her grandmother for 12 years, which has seen her win industry recognised awards for Vida, and be featured on the Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2018, for healthcare and science.

Devika was recognised as a "health tech pioneer" in Europe for 2018, an “inspirational woman” by Glamour magazine and made the front cover of courier magazine as a start-up to watch in 2018. The Business Insider recognised Devika as one of the “29 coolest female founders” in the UK. In 2019, Devika was chosen as a representative of the United Nations #sheinnovates campaign, that is pushing boundaries to break stereotypes in STEM globally and most recently has been awarded the "Entrepreneur of the year" by King's College London. Devika currently runs her consultancy business supporting SMEs and corporates on growth and innovation strategy.