Jo Fairley

Founder Green & Blacks

Jo Fairley set out on her entrepreneurial journey in 1991 when she co-founded Green & Black’s Chocolate, now approaching a £100 million a year brand – the world's first organic chocolate, helping to create a more conscious consumer while proving that you don't have to compromise on quality to live more sustainably. 

The success of Green & Black's has enabled Jo to become a serial entrepreneur, via an award-winning organic and natural food store/bakery (Judges Bakery), The Wellington Centre (a boutique nine-room wellbeing centre) – both in her home town of Hastings – and most recently The Perfume Society, which sets out to help individuals develop their sense of smell via exploration of fragrance and the scented world.

She also works as a marketing and branding consultant to many different brands, across the food, beauty and travel arenas. In recognition of her work, Jo has received many awards for her own enterprise, including WorldAware Award and many Soil Association Awards. She has also received an Honorary Doctorate in Business Studies from Kingston University, The Shackleton Medal for leadership and citizenship, from The Scottish Royal Geographical Society, and she featured as Lauren Laverne's castaway on Desert Island Discs, in 2019.