Jordan Kensington

President at Invincible Media

Jordan Kensington is an entrepreneur, media personality and founder of the company Invincible, a media, advertising , real estate and events agency launched in 1999 with headquarters in the Virgin Islands and offices in six countries. The media part of the business publishes over 12 magazines including; Chelsea Monthly, The National Post, Brand Weekly, Teen Republic and UniDaily whilst the advertising agency looks after the media planning and buying for several brands spread across six countries including the USA, UK, Caribbean and China. The events company, invincible events produces some of the biggest global awards shows including; the National Reality Television Awards, Urban Music Awards, British Music Week and the International Football Awards. The real estate company owns several properties around the world from commercial real estate such as Invincible Palace Hotel (Bulgaria) to Mokingo Factory in Cameroon as well as residential properties in the United Kingdom, Spain and Cameroon. He also has investment and majority sharehold in over 95 companies within the continent of Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.