Marko Ilnicic

Group Chairman of Vistage

To say that Marko likes to help build things is an understatement! After all, he has spent the last 25 years doing that on behalf of the world’s most famous toy brand, LEGO®. He started his long career there as Marketing Assistant, rising through the ranks to serve on its global Executive Board and has held numerous commercial roles in the UK, across Europe, North America and Asia. Directly responsible for building businesses ranging in size from £35million to over £1billion in sales, he has first-hand knowledge of what it takes to truly embrace digitalisation, build a world class brand and globally scale a business that displaced Ferrari to become the world’s most powerful brand*. Marko puts his success down to a simple focus of always seeking to sustainably grow the business whilst developing its leaders of tomorrow. Through his global leadership journey working with diverse, multicultural teams, he shares some of his greatest leadership insights in a candid and heartfelt manner, by describing some of the mistakes he made along the way that ultimately led to his greatest leadership learnings. At the core of this session, Marko talks about the challenges of scaling a business whilst creating an empowered organisation, sharing his own personal story and the dangers of not evolving your leadership style to the changing environment around you.