Samuel Leach

Founder and CEO Samuel and Co

Watford-based fintech entrepreneur Samuel Leach launched his FX Trading training business, Samuel and Co. Trading, where he also trains people on how to trade stocks and foreign currencies, in 2012.

He has a hugely inspiring rags to riches story. As a teenager he lived in a tiny bedsit with his father and brother in Watford. He was educated at Watford College and gained a £2,000 bursary. Whilst studying at the University of Hertfordshire, Sam started to trade the markets and went on to earn £170,000 in less than 12 months using his bursary. After enrolling on a very poor quality FX trading course, he decided to launch Samuel and Co. (in 2012) whilst still at university, to offer a premium training service so others could benefit where he was let down.

Samuel and Co. has now trained over 1,500 budding traders across 56 countries both online and from their HQ in Watford. The 57-strong team at Samuel and Co. have all risen through the training program and have been given autonomy in their respective roles across multiple disciplines. Sam opened an office in Madrid in June 2017 and is expanding the business exponentially to become a major player in the financial industry.

Sam recently became a published author with his book ‘The Formula for Success: How to Win at Life Using Your Own Personal Algorithm’ and launched his environmental charity, OverWatch.

He also recently delivered a TED talk on the importance of feeling uncomfortable, and how this might translate into the motivation to better yourself.