Scott Mullins

CEO of Pimlico Plumbers

Scott Mullins is the eldest of Charlie Mullins OBE four children, Scott has been actively involved in the business from the young age of seven, seeing the business in its founding steps, to becoming an integral part in the growth of the business and securing its position as the UK’s largest independent plumbing and Service Company.

Scott is very much leading the everyday operations at Pimlico, making the control centre into the seamlessly tight world class operation that it is now and ensuring that the renowned Pimlico standards never slip across the business.

Expectation was never the driver for Scott, instead a mix of pure self-motivation and a way of life. From his first venture into the family business, Scott has been dedicated to driving the business forward and succeeding in revolutionising the industry just as Pimlico was first set out to do.

With a clearly defined management structure firmly in place, Scott has always placed Pimlico’s second to none quality customer service and 100% transparency at the forefront. Every job is responded to 24/7, no matter the size and even within an hour in emergency cases.

Now hiring a staggering 250 + trade team and 200 strong office team, Pimlico has expanded beyond prediction and Scott remains to conduct the same philosophy of keeping things simple throughout the business – do the right job, at the right price, at the right time for the customer.