Funding Options Business Growth Camp

Designed and delivered by ex-Google executive David Keene, now CMO Funding Options.

A cutting-edge, fast-paced, interactive workshop containing the latest thinking, freshest ideas and the best cloud technologies to support growth and innovation for independent and specialist UK business leaders.

Designed and delivered by ex-Google executive David Keene, now CMO Funding Options.

This interactive breakout session is a fast paced interactive event where you, as an independent business leader, will be working with peers to identify growth and innovation strategies for your business, dealing with real challenges and complex problems. The event is broken into a series of short strategy techniques delivered as sharp Ted talk sessions followed by impactful peer coaching workshop sessions that offer the opportunity to network and support across and with other business leaders. The content is tuned specifically for smaller independent businesses that do not have deep pockets or large resources to call on. The methods and ideas explored will allow you to think differently about growth for your business.

In addition to David Keene, Funding Options CMO, the event will be facilitated by other Funding Options executives with deep knowledge of growing UK businesses.

You will quickly learn effective strategies and methods on how to apply growth strategies to different business needs. 

These include:

  • Shaking Things Up - Your Brand Identity - framing your business for the ideal growth customer segment - exploring the change you are trying to deliver for your customers. Finding your identity and purpose. Building the foundations of a high impact communications strategy. 
  • Never Passengers - Customer growth expansion - positioning, value proposition development, finding product market fit - developing through product channel success.
  • Customers First - How to create, map and reach your real customer personas - persona development and worldview mapping, achieving real empathy for your perfect high-value customers. Digital marketing strategies and social media. Content marketing and organic strategies to acquire customers for free.
  • Stronger Together - how to build high performing teams and scale your headcount with both temporary and permanent staff, but without chaos. How to build the right culture first, and scale it second. 

Constantly Learning - Planning, finance and infrastructure - Building the ideal business plan and budget - Finance options and sources of lending - Scaling with Cloud and Internet technologies.


  • You will walk away with a new and innovative set of tools, ideas and methods to grow your business 
  • You will learn to operate with a creative growth mindset
  • You will learn fun ways to spark new ways of thinking, and tap into your creativity and expand your network with like minded business leaders