Business development - How do I grow my business successfully?

Thursday 22nd September at 12:15

'BIPSet - Business is People' is an international sales consulting & coaching firm. We are specialized in helping clients from a variety of sectors as sofware technology and digital media to increasing revenue and market share effectively. Therefore we are strongly focusing on a combination of personality and attitude development with the right sales strategies for landing and expanding businesses successfully. We developed the 4-step BIPSet concept for inhouse consulting and seminar coaching which is customizable for being aligned with current company business models. Therefore a critical analysis is needed for improving our clients current performance to understand where the lack of knowledge is that is holding them back from taking one step ahead than one back. Consulting automatically will convert into coaching for giving constant reflection, feedback and improvement on the fly. If its an established company looking for new ways to increase their revenue, start ups which work from the ground off or simply someone working as a sales person in a company who wants to strengthen his skills for becoming successful in their field, we are here to get them there.


Some of sections I will discuss include:

  • The key principles for successful sales
  • The power of questioning
  • Building the internal champion/trust
  • Speaker: Benjamin Schnau