Business Plans are Dead - Discover the new tool for the new age of business growth

Thursday 22nd September at 11.15

To succeed in today’s business structure we must adapt, grow and be willing to let go of the old-world thinking which prevents sustainability and scalability. The millennial-driven workforce, which now dominates the marketplace, demands an innovative, accountable and values-driven agenda, which means we must say goodbye to the strategic status quo.

In this workshop, you will learn how to transform your business into profitable, sustainable company for the new age. You will learn a powerful process of strategic planning and execution used by some of the best and fastest growing companies in the world. This leading edge thought is designed specifically to have massive impact, driving bottom line results. Find out how to bring strategy alive and execute every day, not just once a year.


  • Provide the audience a new strategic tool for the new business world, to execute immediately.
  • Identify the main failure points in business and create a plan to avoid them.
  • Ensure everyone in the company is aligned with the plan which is actionable and trackable NOW.
  • Workshop Content:

    • Define what strategy is and what it isn’t – blowing some myths apart.
    • Define the very core of the business purpose and aligning strategy to that.
    • Discover why not adhering to company VALUES is a sackable offence. Values are more than fluffy words on a WALL.
    • Why most SMEs fail and how they can predict future events.
    • How to bring strategy alive, cascade it throughout your teams and make it flexible for the new world of business growth.
    • Outcomes:

      • Learn and apply a new transformational business strategy tool for the new world.
      • Discover their main failure points in business and start to plan to minimise them.
      • Understand how to predict trends as an entrepreneur and hold yourself accountable to growth.
      • Speaker: Deri Llewellyn-Davies