Protecting your business from cybercrime

Thursday 22 September at 14:00

DC Joe Giddens of the Metropolitan Police Service’s FALCON will share his thoughts on the best methods for small and medium enterprises to tackle and prevent cybercrime.

In 2015 74% of SMEs reported an information breach. The average cost of the worst breach suffered by organisations was between £75k and £310k. Could your business afford to lose that amount of money?

FALCON (Fraud And Linked Crime ONline) is a team of specialist detectives here to protect people and businesses in London from all complex cybercrime and fraud. Their extensive experience and access to current crime data allows them to provide preventative cybercrime guidance to SMEs, who in an ever evolving world, are being targeted more than ever due to criminal advances in technology and capability and a general lack of knowledge of SME owners in the area.

Joe is a career detective who specialises in the prevention and detection of financial crime, complex fraud and cybercrime, and works alongside industry, government and academia to address cybercrime in London and across the UK.

Speaker: DC Joe Giddens