Selling your business - a personal journey of exit.

Wednesday 21 September at 11.30

The sale of your business will likely be the biggest deal of your entrepreneurial career and a process you may only ever go through once. In this stripped bare seminar, Lara Morgan will share her personal story of selling her first business in 2008 for £20M. However, as Lara's story will reveal, reaching the end goal was not smooth or simple. With two failed exit attempts previously (one deal collapsed the night before the final signing session), as Lara will share, the whole experience ultimately enabled Lara to seal the deal of her life.

In this engaging seminar you will;

  • Be a gifted template on how to increase your own business multiple by building the asset value of your business
  • Leave with a clear understanding on what you can expect from a gruelling due diligence process
  • Hear how one single negotiation tactic earned Lara an additional £6M seven years after the initial sale
  • Uncover how to spot when your advisors have ‘moved to the other side’
  • ….and a whole host of other nuggets that you can only share if you’ve personally been through the process.
  • Speaker : Lara Morgan