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Generate 30 warm LEADS for your business

Learn how to generate leads using Scorecard Marketing

This video workshop by Daniel Priestley, titled “Generate 30 Warm Leads for Your Business,” is a quick guide for businesses looking to build their client base. The workshop is just 10 minutes long and aims to provide practical tips that can help businesses generate leads and leverage valuable data using ScoreApp.

Daniel Priestley shares his “warm lead generation” framework, by using his own business, Dent Global, as an example. The strategy is centered around the concept of creating a scorecard that measures the success of a business and using it to attract potential clients who are interested in improving their own scores.

You will learn how ScoreApp fits in your overall sales funnel while being taken through the foundations, step by step, of setting up a scorecard. Daniel uses real world examples, backed up by data, to create a digital asset that can generate leads on auto-pilot with a proven blueprint that produced thousands of leads for his business.  

Overall, the scorecard marketing strategy provides a systematic approach for generating leads and builds relationships with potential customers. By focusing on creating a scorecard that measures the success of a business you are able to bridge the gap between where your potential customer is and where they want to be. This in turn builds trust and credibility for your brand and produces a steady stream of leads flowing into your business.

Daniel Priestley

Daniel Priestley is a successful entrepreneur who's built and sold businesses in Australia, Singapore, and the UK. Daniel is the Founder of Dent Global, one of the world's top business accelerators for entrepreneurs and leaders to stand out and scale up.

Recently Daniel has won Entrepreneur Of The Year ’22 and is currently the co-founder of fast growth SaaS technology company, ScoreApp. Believing that everything is downstream from lead generation, ScoreApp makes quiz funnel marketing easy, so businesses can attract high quality leads, insightful data and increase sales.
A celebrated 4x best-selling author for Key Person of Influence, Entrepreneur Revolution, Oversubscribed and 24Assets. Daniel's reputation and extensive experience has seen him advising for inc500 leaders and unicorn Entrepreneurs as well as appearing regularly in the media.

Daniel’s Mission is to develop Entrepreneurs who stand out, scale-up and make a positive impact in the world.