Anthony Goodwin

Founder and Chairman of Antal
Overseas Expansion | DAY 2 - 4.00pm

Founded in 1993, Tony launched Antal International, a management and professional recruitment specialist. One of the first recruitment organisations to devote substantial resources to emerging markets, the company now has over 130 offices in more than 30 countries and works with many of the world’s most successful and ambitious employers. Award winner 2014 “I took a fairly large gamble and it paid off. Antal really took off in China, Eastern Europe and India. I’ve had the opportunity to work in some of the most interesting markets that exist in the world today”. Tony says he is not winning awards for the sheer size of his company but rather, Antal has been recognised because of its innovation and unique strategy of being able to pole position to share information, knowledge & experience for the benefit of its Colleagues, Clients and Candidates.