James Davidson

Co-founder of Tails.com
Commercial Business Growth | DAY 2 - 10.00am

James started his career at Unilever, gaining extensive experience in operations and management. After 6 years, he embarked on an expedition in Central America volunteering with Raleigh International, during which he realised the power of a strong purpose coupled with an entrepreneurial approach.

On his return to the UK, he joined Innocent Drinks, where his role as Head of Supply Chain was key in supporting the company as it grew rapidly in the UK and across Europe.

Following 7 years at Innocent, James joined a co-founding team to work on a new pet food idea: providing tailor-made pet nutrition at affordable prices. CEO James and his team have grown tails.com since 2014 into a business that is creating, and leading, a new, direct-to-consumer category in pet food and that has subsequently attracted investment from Nestle Purina Petcare.