Natanel Bigger

CEO of Monpure
Overseas Expansion | DAY 1 - 4.00pm

Nate’s story is a very unique one, from being brought up by a hardworking single mother in the conservative city of Hamburg, to being taken under the wing of Andy Rubin, CEO of one of the most successful British companies Pentland Brands. This prompted him to move to the UK, where he eventually set up the worlds first dedicated scalp- and hair health brand MONPURE LONDON. 

Nate noticed the rapid growth of the Chinese market, so after leaving school he chose to study Economics and Sinology (Chinese studies) where he learnt to speak Mandarin and lived and worked in China for a period of time. After his graduation from Uni he was headhunted by Andy Rubin, CEO of Pentland Brands. Initially working as Rubin’s EA, Nate’s talents for growing brands were quickly recognised and he was soon headhunted by Zalando CEO David Schneider where he helped build and develop Zalando’s direct-to-consumer and marketplace strategy in Berlin. Responsible for a team of 30 to grow the fashion marketplace, Nate saw revenue grow from $60m to $300m in the space of 2 years during his tenure. With his experience in e-commerce and brand building he subsequently landed the role as Managing Director, Beauty Brands at Manchester based e-commerce unicorn The Hut Group at just 31. 

When he noticed a gap in the haircare market he decided to launch his own scalp and hair health brand MONPURE London, which launched in May 2020, in the midst of a pandemic. His idea for the range was born out noticing a growing demand for hair loss and scalpcare solutions – in both the European and Asian markets, together with a glaring absence of such products in the sustainable luxury sector. With his expertise of brand building, e-commerce and the beauty industry, as well as speaking fluent German, English, Hebrew and Chinese, Nate goes to the root of successful global business implementation.