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10 reasons to switch to Britain’s Best Business Banking Provider

6 January, 2022

The bank you choose shapes your business, and the business you build could change your life. See how much time you can free up for lightbulb moments with Starling. It’s business banking – but not as you know it.

Here’s why 400,000 business owners have joined us and changed the way they bank: 

  1. No monthly fees 

Unlike other banks, our business bank account is free with no monthly cost, and we don’t charge for UK transfers, bank ATM withdrawals or spending abroad. 

  1. We organise your spending categories for you

To help with your bookkeeping, we automatically categorise every card payment to align with tax forms. For example, ‘staff expenses’ include wages, training costs and employer’s national insurance – so that’s how we label them. We can also digitally capture receipts. 

  1. Free access for multiple directors

If you’re a team of co-founders, sharing the load is easy. You can add up to four directors to your account, as long as they’re registered on Companies House and live in the UK. 

  1. Our Business Marketplace connects your favourite products and services 

We’ve made it easy to link up important software in your app, including real-time integrations with accounting providers Xero, QuickBooks and FreeAgent. If you use a card reader from iZettle or SumUp, you can connect everything to see a breakdown of your sales and fees in your app, too. 

  1. UK-based customer support, 24/7

If you’re awake, so are we. Speak to a human through your app whenever you need help.

  1. Spaces separate your costs clearly 

Think of Spaces as virtual money pots. You can set money aside for things like tax, payroll, rent and overheads, so you don’t get mixed up. Your whole account balance (including Spaces) is covered up to £85,000 by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

  1. Stay on top of your cashflow in real time 

Our instant notifications and automatic categorisations mean you never miss a trick. You know the second you pay or get paid, and get a reminder the day before payments are due.

  1. Spending analytics give you month-by-month insights

We break down your monthly spending so you get a crystal clear view of your business finances to see where there’s room for improvement. And when it’s time to celebrate. 

  1. It’s seamless to take your business international 

We offer fast, secure money transfers to bank accounts across 39 different countries – with no hidden fees. And there are a number of extras at your fingertips, including multi-currency accounts in EUR (£2 per month) and USD for limited businesses (£5 per month). 

  1. Try tailor-made features through Business Toolkit 

Our add-on Business Toolkit package supercharges your business banking. Manage bookkeeping, bills, VAT and self-assessment tax, all directly from your bank account. For just £7 a month, enjoy a working life with less admin – and the first month is free! 

Switching is easy 

It won’t cost anything to switch your business bank account to Starling. We’re part of the Current Account Switching Scheme (CASS), so we do all the heavy lifting for you, and any interest or charges you incur (such as missed payments) will be refunded.

Download the app to apply in minutes.