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5 ways to use email marketing to win referrals

Email marketing is another important strategy in your overall campaign but it is important you use it effectively.
28 January, 2014

Here are five ways to get the most from your strategy:

1. Don’t oversell

Remember, you are looking to gain referrals but also to build relationships with your customers. Email marketing is about building relationships so don’t make your campaign too sales driven or it will deter your readership.

2. Entertain, engage and avoid jargon

An email such as this is designed for a human to read and the content shouldn’t be too technical. So avoid jargon and industry related terminology and make your communications informative but entertaining.

3. Timing is essential

As with the case of overselling, if you send email campaigns too often then it will turn customers away. Industry experts suggest that a communication every two to three weeks is ideal.

4. Invite action

Ensure that your readers are tempted to take positive action after reading your email. Include a link back to your site to the relevant offers that you may be targeting.

5. Plan and persist

As with all forms of internet marketing, an effective email campaign is one that carries the most planning and research possible. Keep working and persist with your strategy and your referrals will surely build.