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5 ways to use video on your website

Placing a video on your website in an eye catching way to attract and entertain visitors.
18 February, 2014

Here are five ideas with regards to what you can use in the way of content.

1. How to videos

Instructional videos are popular and by showing your product and providing instructions regarding its use, you can convey what might otherwise take a large volume of text.

2. New products

If you’ve just released a new product onto the market, use the video section of your site to tell your visitors all about it.

3. Practical demonstrations

These are similar to instructional videos but with a key difference. Here you are highlighting your product, showing it in action and underlining just how important it can be.

4. News updates

Has there been a development in your business that you need to share. A video is perfect for news items as well as all your latest offers and promotions.

5. Testimonials

If you have some happy customers, why not let them appear in a video to tell other visitors about their experiences. If they’re reluctant then you can incentivise them because this can be a dynamic way to persuade viewers just how good your services are.