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Getting Media Coverage

It could mean the difference between a sale and a sneer. Between triumph and disaster. Between cruising around on your jet ski or trudging back down to the call centre. Media coverage.
25 September, 2013

Big companies just flat out buy it but you’re not going to do that because, a) you don’t have the money, and, b) it’s inelegant and unnecessary.


It’s a brave new media world out there with disproportionate, astronomical, press coverage being marshalled not by editors or orchid-like starlets, but by the soothsayers of our age; bloggers .

Real People

Of course many of them are strange-smelling misfits playing to an audience of one, but many among them wield real power. When they speak, when they wonder or pontificate, thousands listen. And we’re not just talking kids and housewives, but real, influential people who have the power to make your business into something serious. Investors , customers, peers; most of them have a preferred blogger, plus maybe a tweeter or two whispering in their shell, directing and prodding them along a particular path.

Here then are a few tips on how to attract the attention of media gatekeepers everywhere.

Know your Target

Pick the most respected, pervasive and influential blogs and media outlets in your fields. Make a list of them. Familiarise yourself with their content and style. Editors of all kinds are rushed, they have pages to fill and they yearn for the perfect story to drop into their lap so they can simply run it and get back to whatever it may be. PR people know this, which is why so many are former journo’s gone over to the dark side. Research them so that when you make contact they don’t dismiss you a scattergun monkey who’ll sleep with anyone. 

Make the Connection

Comment on their posts, engage and flatter them. Be knowledgeable on their subject. Position yourself as an authority and if they don’t come to you they’ll at least be receptive when you do make your approach. Look at which of their posts has done particularly well in terms of hits. Be interesting, likeable and relevant. Have all the information ready in the easiest way possible. Don’t forget that most blogs are fueled by industry news. New being the really important part of the word news. Give them something fresh, interesting and relevant and you’re making it very difficult for them to say no.  

Of course when you do get that sweet coverage make sure you leverage it for all it’s worth. Disseminate hard and fast through your social networks . 

And there you have it; a crash, smarm-less course in PR.