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It’s not a tax escape for Sir Richard Branson

Yes, the rumours are true – Sir Richard Branson is moving to his island home permanently and NO, it's not to escape the British tax system...
15 October, 2013

He has made so much money he can live wherever he wishes….. The beautiful Necker Island has been Branson’s holiday escape for many years and in order for him and his wife to make the most of their life, health and remaining years, Branson says in his blog that Necker Island is his chosen home, where he can “kite surf, surf, play tennis, swim, do pilates and just play” whilst continuing to work on projects.

Some are of the opinion that Branson is ruining his personal brand and accuse Branson of not giving very much back to Britain. Now that’s harsh. Branson is involved in multiple not-for-profit ventures and has consistently worked to engage and support entrepreneurs throughout his massively successful career.

Go on Richard, enjoy life.