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Missed phone calls: What do they really cost?

6 September, 2021

Missed phone calls: What do they really cost?

During 2020 and for the early part of this year, so many businesses have relocated offices, moved staff to a remote set up, and had to establish new and flexible means of communication.  Communication both internally to support their employees and externally to stay in touch with clients, and customers.  This has been a challenge that most businesses can relate to. 

Each morning the customer support teams will log into their phone systems, and will review the list of missed calls, and review voicemails that, if they were in the office, they would have received.  The process of moving to a remote set up can take days.  The start-stop nature of returning to work has forced further delays on getting back in touch with customers and reviewing phone messages.

What difference would it make to have your office phone number on your mobile phone?

Just looking at the high-level statistics, is it worth looking at Mobile Solutions for your business phone system?

  • 80% of all business communication takes place at some point over the phone.  
  • You might connect via email, or social media, but what is the first thing that you try to do?  Arrange that important call!
  • It is estimated that UK Businesses lose over £30 billion in revenue due to missed calls
  • 62% of customers prefer to speak to people on the phone, when compared to email, SMS, social media, or automated communication.
  • 25% of customers give up if they are on hold, or do not get their call answered quickly
  • 66% of customers will switch companies due to bad customer service, or poor connectivity
  • 77% of customers believe that a phone call is the most efficient and effective way to get an answer quickly
  • 85% of people whose calls go unanswered will not call back

How much is a phone call worth to your business?

You know what your average sale makes you.  You know your conversion rates from clicks on a website, to someone picking up the phone, to speaking and closing the deal.  Maybe 1 in 5 phone calls lead to a sale?  Maybe 1 in 20 phone calls lead to a sale?  These statistics can show you how much a missed phone call is worth to your business.

Missing calls leads to a huge reputational cost! Who wants to deal with a company that is hard to reach. Having done a Google search, many potential customers will start at the top of the list and start calling. They will buy from the first company who bothers to pick up the phone. It might not be their first choice, but it’s the first company who can be bothered to speak to them!

Answering the phone leads to an increase in revenue, an improved reputation and business growth.

Having a mobile solution can lead to easy expansion. It is so simple to add extra staff, take on remote workers, or out of hours operators who can simply download the phone solution to their own mobile phone and begin work. 

When your business must close, and move everyone to remote working for a few weeks; who needs the hassle involved in setting up and moving a phone system with all its components and equipment as well?

ConXhub offers the simplest & most convenient connectivity of all time. No equipment, no cables, no engineers and definitely no troubleshooting VoIP connectivity issues! You just need an active smartphone, and you can communicate from wherever you desire, even on the move.