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Necessity is the Mother of Invention

We meet many successful entrepreneurs. We know they come in all shapes and sizes and often the only trait they share is a pragmatic mode of operation and a belief in their idea.
10 December, 2013


What drives them? More often than not it is necessity. “When did you choose to become an entrepreneur?” “Choose!”, they sneer, “Madam, I ‘chose’ when my children wept in hunger and poverty. I ‘chose’ because nobody else in this rotten town would give me a job and we were living off vapour and dust. I had to, I was forced to make my own industry and give myself a job. I ‘chose nothing’.” And on it goes in this vein.


We’re always careful when speaking to entrepreneurs not to be flippant, because they care deeply, which is what makes this work so thrilling, because passion and yearning and drive and necessity deliver stories and emotion in a way that salarymen (the cowards) never could.