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Top 10 business bloggers in the UK

When looking for some inspiration for your online business it pays to seek out those with relevant experience who can pass on some vital knowledge.
14 February, 2014

Here are ten of the best business bloggers in the UK:

1. Felix Wetzel

Felix Wetzel is the group marketing director of Jobsite and his blog passes on knowledge and relevant skills from his many years in business.

2. Siân Rowland

Sian is a classic example of what anyone can achieve in the online world. Her Citizen R blog highlights her rise from unemployment to a successful career as an entrepreneur.

3. Derek Cheshire

Derek was one of the first business bloggers to highlight just how important your creative skills are to online success. His Creativity and Innovation site explains all.

4. Russell Bowyer

Russell’s In Business Blog is one of the most comprehensive sources of business information for the new entrepreneur. In addition, there is an active platform on which to share business issues and ideas.

5. Neil Infield

Neil Infield is the manager of the British Library’s Business and Intellectual Property centre and his ‘inthroughtheoutfield’ site is another comprehensive resource for anyone starting in business.

6. Lourie Nel and Ben Botes

Planning your business before you take the plunge is naturally very important and Lourie and Ben’s UK Business Planning Blog is a vital resource in this respect.

7. Yoav Farbey

One of the youngest of Britain’s entrepreneurs, Yoav proves that inexperience isn’t a barrier to online success. His Farbey’s notes site is now one of the most powerful sources of business information.

8. Neil Usher

One of the more recent business bloggers, Neil Usher offers advice and tips based on real experiences. His workessence blog is now a useful tool for many online entrepreneurs.

9. The Greylock Team

The Greylock blog is another site that helps both established and new businesses alike. Updated regularly, it is one of the most current and comprehensive resources around.

10. The Guardian

As far as the UK’s mainstream media is concerned, many small business owners point to the Guardian’s blog as the most useful and comprehensive source of material.