Dr Lynda Folan

Dr Lynda Folan

Managing Director, Inspired Development Solutions, Doctor of Organisational Psychology

Dr. Lynda Folan is a renowned expert in Organisational Psychology and Development, boasting a distinguished career spanning over 35 years. With a robust academic foundation in organizational psychology, Lynda has effectively led international Organisational Development teams and spearheaded transformative cultural and strategic shifts in organizations worldwide.

Lynda’s pioneering work revolves around Leadership and Resilience, marked by her
groundbreaking 2019 doctoral thesis titled “Defining a Research Model of
Leader Resilience and Evaluating the Dispositional Effect of Resilience on
Transformational Leadership.” This research is reshaping leadership
development and resilience-building approaches. Her book, “Leader
Resilience – The New Frontier of Leadership,” launched in October 2021,
has already made a significant impact in the business realm.

Her corporate experience also includes executive-level HR roles with prominent
companies like The Number, Arcadian International Hotel Group, Hasbro, and
Tesco Stores Ltd.

After a thriving corporate career, Lynda founded her consultancy firm, becoming a
highly sought-after specialist in Leadership and Organisational Development.
Since relocating to Perth in 2007, she has expanded her consultancy work,
collaborating with a diverse range of organizations in the public and private

Dr. Lynda Folan holds a Doctorate in Organisational Psychology from Murdoch
University, is a registered psychologist with the Australian Health
Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA), and is a member of the Australian
Psychological Society (APS).