Duena Blomstrom

Duena Blomstrom

CEO of PeopleNotTech and TechLedCulture

Duena is a multifaceted professional renowned for her expertise in digital transformation and workplace culture. With over two decades of experience, she has become a prominent advocate for Agile methodologies and the importance of human-centric workplaces.

As the CEO of PeopleNotTech and TechLedCulture, Duena is at the forefront of innovative culture change and team productivity methods. Her companies provide software solutions that emphasize continuous development, high performance, and emotional intelligence. By measuring and enhancing Psychological Safety and team happiness, Duena aims to reduce what she terms “Human DebtTM” and promote truly Agile, human-centered cultures.

Recognized as a top influencer in various fields, including technology, culture, B2B, Agile, and FinTech, Duena has made significant contributions as a Forbes contributor and a LinkedIn Top Voice for 15 years. Her global following consists of both current and future leaders who are committed to addressing the challenges of the modern workplace.

Duena’s impact extends beyond her online presence. She is a sought-after thought leader, researcher, advisor, mentor, and opinion-maker. She delivers engaging and thought-provoking keynotes on an international stage and co-hosts several podcasts under #WorkTV and #TheDuenaShow, where she shares her unique insights on workplace transformation and human-centered leadership.

Additionally, Duena accepts Non-Executive Director (NED) appointments and provides advisory coaching sessions focused on “humanizing” experiences. Her approach, characterized by discretion and unvarnished honesty, includes Human Debt Checks to help leaders and their teams assess their tech and human debt accumulation. On occasion, she leads experimental projects that illustrate the value of smart Human Work, with a willingness to share these experiences through books or podcasts.