Emma Sayle

One of the UK’s leading female entrepreneurs’

Emma is one of the UK’s leading female entrepreneurs’. She made her name launching the global female empowerment brand Killing Kittens in 2005, now incorporated into the KK Group with over 150,000 members having launched events across the US, Australia and Europe and has grown online into an online community network with empowering women at its core. The press have pronounced her a leader at the cutting edge of the new dawn of female liberation. Recently in Business Leaders 2019 top 30 inspirational UK entrepreneurs and recognised by other awards and media setups including Natwest Great Entrepreneur awards 2019 Finalist, Top 10 women entrepreneurs Game Changer Magazine 2019 and 2020 Inside Out leaders board role model

She has appeared in national and international media from TV shows to broadsheets to radio debates and corporate talks.

June 2019 saw her launch Sistr a networking and community for professional women from all industries to connect both on and offline

When she’s not dominating the male-heavy adult entertainment world, Emma can be found running the Sisterhood. The Sisterhood is a group of gritty females boldly going where not many girls have gone before, competing in extreme and adventure sports, creating havoc whilst maintaining a perfect ph balance between Lucozade and wine

The group to date has raised over £700,000 for various women’s charities. Emma herself has run the worlds hardest ultra marathon: the Marathon de Sables across the Sahara, won the women’s Great Amazon raft race, climbed kilamanjaro, swam 6.5km across the Bosphorus, swum the Channel, run from LA to Vegas and is now showing women can have it all by juggling a 4 year old, a 3 Yr old and a 1year old with KK world domination.