Jax Davey

Jax Davey

CEO of the creative agency Nuevo

Jax Davey is an award-winning entrepreneur and CEO of the creative agency Nuevo, whose clients include Canada Goose, Ordnance Survey and Ernst & Young. But it was Jax’s first major collaborator, the British military, that explains his unconventional entrance into the creative industry and his pioneering approach to advertising and sustainability.

It was during his time as a Royal Marine that he first picked up a camera. This newfound need to create and his unique capacity to access hard-to-reach locations fuelled Jax to found The Rolling Rogues, where his team delivered specialist projects for the military alongside TV commercials for global brands like Garmin. When Jax was 25, the agency was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway, the US conglomerate led by Warren Buffett.

Despite this success, Jax couldn’t ignore his industry’s impact on the planet. This led Jax to found Nuevo in 2020, where sustainability has been the driving force behind every decision from day one. Three years later, with investment from Steven Bartlett, Jax has assembled a team of world record-holding explorers, strategists, sustainability experts, producers and creatives, who are redefining creativity with a conscience, together.

Throughout 2024, Jax will be undertaking some of the hardest endurance tests in the world whilst using the platform he builds in the process to raise awareness and drive action for climate change and its solutions. The first of these challenges is a 230km Ice Ultra across the Arctic Circle at temperatures of -40.