Judith Germain

Judith Germain

Founder, The Maverick Paradox

Judith Germain, Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, MBA PgDip, is the Leading Authority on Maverick Leadership and has been defining Mavericks as wilfully independent people since 2005. She is regularly approached to speak, mentor and write on how to be a more impactful and influential leader. 

Judith is a ‘Socialised Maverick’, who thinks differently, challenges often and enables effective leadership execution. She empowers business owners, leaders, the C-Suite and organisations to thrive in complex, constantly changing environments. She creates clear thinking and decisive leaders.  

Judith utilises Maverick Leadership principles to Strategise, Innovate & Execute a solution that amplifies impact and increases leadership capability and ability to execute. She understands that effective leaders with the right toolkit and skill set for the task ahead, can achieve objectives and surpass obstacles that they face.