Kim Antoniou

Founder and inventor of tech for good for positive Impact. Auris Tech/Kafoodle

Kim Antoniou is an award-winning tech entrepreneur and Founder and CEO of Auris Tech Limited, inventors of a unique patented Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, designed specifically for ‘read’ speech, which is a distinctly different speech pattern to conversational speech. It has been developed in collaboration with The University of Edinburgh, and used to launch, Fonetti, the world’s first children’s listening bookshop App, available in the AppleStore and soon to be obtainable for Android.

Kim is also the co-founder and brand ambassador to award winning Kafoodle, which she co-founded in 2014, a software platform working extensively across the food service, health and education sectors, to help manage their food information, compliance, menu management and customer communications.

A focused leader, inventor and visionary, Kim has a proven track record for turning real life experiences into meaningful and successful businesses. She has a core talent for using her network and powers of persuasion wisely, to bring the right people together in order to create successful and engaged teams. Passionate about technology, Kim loves innovation, being with and learning from other entrepreneurs and inventors, and sharing experiences and best practice. Insights.

It is my belief that entrepreneurs are born, not made. . I am the very first to advocate that your team and your network are everything. I would not be where I am today without either! . Whatever you do, do it with passion.