Lara Morgan

Founder and former CEO of Pacific Direct
Commercial Business Growth | DAY 2 - 9.30am

Lara Morgan is a British entrepreneur with a track record of delivering exceptional accelerated growth. Her investment strategy in wellbeing products primarily is pinned to improving life’s journey. Investing as a family office she has a portfolio of seven consumer services businesses which she works to drive sales, leadership and innovation. She is an inspirational leader with a legacy of building world-class teams and aligning organisations behind a clear strategy. She practices the art of selling and creating win-win customer partnerships for her brands 24/7. Her specific expertise is in sales strategy, customer insight and brand development, multichannel and multisite management plus organic or M&A / partnership driven expansion.

Lara founded her first business, Pacific Direct, in 1991 at the age of just 23. Having arrived in the UK from Hong Kong with little or no hotel experience, Lara quickly grew Pacific Direct into a specialist global supplier of luxury high end brands for five-star hotels. Seventeen years later, she sold Pacific Direct for £20 million. At Pacific Direct she was involved in multiple disciplines from luxury brand licensing, marketing, retail operations to commercial and private label development. She has also managed and owned factories in Czech and China.
Working with extremely large organisations as well as small start-ups, she acquired valuable sector experience in specialty retail, brand merchandising, consumer health, education, well- being travel, leisure and hospitality.

Lara invests in British brands including Scentered.com, the 100% natural, portable, Wellbeing Ritual aromatherapy brand; Gate8 luggage, lightweight, timesaving, functional, business luggage and accessories that reduce stress; KitBrix, a functional, robust, modular, sports kit bag and organiser system for active people. She has recently successfully exited Dryrobe;
Most recently Lara has invested in Yogi Bare – who design and manufacture the best in class yoga and fitness mats and accessories, and she is a small shareholder in a group of other emerging product ventures