Melissa Snover

Founder of Get Nourished
Digital Transformation | DAY 1 - 11.25am

Founder & CEO of Nourished and Scripted (operated under Rem3dy Group).

Melissa Snover (aka Melissa Burton) is an entrepreneur, visionary, and a trendsetter in the world of food technology and 3D printing. She is passionate about developing innovations which offer solutions to her customers, challenge her competitors and disrupt current market offerings.

She is currently the founder and CEO of Rem3dy Group which pioneers personalised health solutions across nutrition and medicine under the brands Nourished and Scripted.

Nourished is the world’s first truly customised nutrition product which uses patented 3D printing technology and a vegan encapsulation formula to combine 7 different active ingredients into one personalised nutrition gummy stack.

Scripted is set to be the first 3D printed personalised medicine dispensary and combination solution to the market. The tech start-up has conducted successful human clinical trials in hospitals in Spain and are set to launch their innovative product in the pharmaceutical industry in 2021.

The foundations for Nourished and Scripted were set in motion by her first 3D printing food tech company, Katjes Fassin UK Ltd (aka Katjes Magic Candy Factory). Early in 2015 Ms. Snover partnered with the successful German Katjes family corporation and immersed herself in the world of food technology and 3D printing. Katjes Magic Candy Factory is an innovative, pioneering concept which allows the consumer to 3D print delicious vegan gummy candy in anything from Sweet Selfies and logos to 3D messages and shapes in just 5 minutes. Ms. Snover has successfully launched her 3D printers into specialty retail outlets throughout Europe, the USA

the Middle East, China, New Zealand and Australia, and often her company is hired to 3D print customised candy at private parties and corporate events all over the world by

prestigious clients such as KPMG, Facebook and Nickelodeon. Ms. Snover is also frequently asked to give presentations on the benefits of 3D printing in the food industry at exhibitions and to share her entrepreneurial journey with aspiring business owners and students.

It was whilst travelling internationally back in 2018 to one such speaking engagement that Ms. Snover first came up with the idea for Nourished. With a keen interest in nutrition and a consumer of supplements, she used to carry a container of personally selected vitamins, supplements and active ingredients with her when she travels. On this occasion, she accidentally spilt them all over the floor at airport security. Crawling around in her suit and heels picking them up, she was inspired to develop her own 3D printing technology which could combine multiple active ingredients into one personalised product without compromising their efficacy. Nourished was subsequently launched exclusively into the UK market in October 2019 and offers its customers the benefit of taking all their preferred vitamins and supplements in one edible stack with less hassle, less waste and lower cost than buying and taking them all individually.

Still in her thirties, Ms. Snover has already won numerous awards and prizes for her business achievements, having been recognised as Innovator Award Winner 2019 at the Women in Tech Awards, Start Up Entrepreneur of the Year at the Nat-West GBEA in 2017 and Insider Magazine 100 Most influential Women 2014, to name a few. Nourished has also won multiple awards since launching late last year including Best Food Tech Innovation 2019 at the Food Matters Awards, Start-up Company of the Year 2019 at the Silicon Canal Awards and Supreme Champion at the Future Food Awards.

Ms. Snover laid the foundations for her success at an early age. At 23, having studied Business Management and Political Science at the University of Colorado Boulder, USA and the renowned Lancaster University, Great Britain, she co-founded the financial services company Burton Mortgage Services, which she managed to guide to treble-figure growth in its first three years. In 2009, the target-oriented entrepreneur, who has American roots, sold her interest in Burton Mortgage Services and redirected her creativity and skills to the confectionary industry.

In 2010 she founded the company FTF Sweets Ltd, UK, creating the world’s first vegan, natural and allergen-free fruit gum with the brand name Goody Good Stuff. In 2013, as an owner and Managing Director of Goody Good Stuff, Ms. Snover sold the company to Cloetta PLC. By the time she withdrew from the company in February 2015, Ms. Snover and her team had developed a sales network with 30,000 sales points in more than 33 countries worldwide – all in less than 40 months; making Goody Good Stuff one of the fastest growing brands in Europe.

Ms. Snover’s unique understanding of current trends and a strong interest in technology has created her vision of the future for the food and health and wellness industries, which includes integrating 3D printing with best food practices that can customise products for each consumer’s individual needs and desires.

When Ms. Snover isn’t working directly on her own businesses she is often invited for speaking engagements and interviews around the world, most notably:

  • The United Nations
  • The Ian King Live Show, Sky News
  • Talking Business with Aaron Heslehurst, BBC World News
  • Fox 31 Denver Good Morning Show
  • Sat 1 – Fruhstruck
  • Good Morning Sacramento
  • Speaker for Entrepreneurs at TIPP Agreement Negotiations – Houses of Parliament
  • Her Majesty The Queen’s Royal Garden Party (Guest)
  • HSBC International Managers Conference
  • UK First Women Conference
  • Nectar Business Awards (Judge)
  • UKTI & International Chambers of Conference Speaker (various)
  • UK DIGICAL CONFERENCE Free time for Ms. Snover is a rare commodity these days, but she manages to go for a run most days. When time allows, she also enjoys playing golf, reading and supporting her charities.