Melissa Snover

Award winning CEO Founder, Nourish3d and Script3d

Disruptor in the world of food technology and 3D printing. She is passionate about developing innovations which offer solutions to her customers, challenge her competitors, and innovate current market offerings. She is currently the founder and CEO of Rem3dy Health which pioneers personalised solutions across preventative and curative health under the brands Nourished (Personalised Nutrition) and Scripted (Personalised Medicine).

Melissa began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 23 when she founded a financial business, and went on to develop the world’s first and only vegan allergen free gummy range in 2010. Melissa then turned her expertise to additive manufacturing and developed and invented the world’s first FDA and FSA approved food printer in 2015, which resulted in six patented technologies being protected.
Melissa is a visionary for the use of 3D printing in mainstream manufacturing on a global scale and recently raised the highest ever female founder seed round in UK history in 2019 for REMEDY. She is an ambassador for women’s equal access to finance, as well as being an avid supporter and mentor; supporting young people of all backgrounds to begin studying in STEM fields.