M Hastings

Michelle Hastings

Head of Digital, Vodafone Business

Michelle is a seasoned change professional with a remarkable track record of building and leading teams to successfully deliver change in a variety of business environments, ranging from start-ups to FTSE 100 firms. With her extensive experience across Australasia, the Middle East and Europe, Michelle has earned a reputation as a trusted leader who can drive meaningful transformation on a global scale.

Throughout her career, Michelle has worked for world-class companies, where she has been entrusted with shaping and delivering multi-year transformation programs, often overseeing budgets exceeding £50 million and realizing benefits surpassing £100 million. Her ability to orchestrate large, multi-functional teams and implement change frameworks has consistently yielded results.

Michelle’s passion for leadership, digital transformation and product management is evident in her work. She excels in establishing and driving business transformation initiatives and has a proven track record of significantly reducing operating costs through digital transformation, enhancing operational efficiencies, and driving self-service excellence.

Her career journey at Vodafone began in Auckland, New Zealand, where she managed a high-value product portfolio, generating substantial incremental revenue through strategic initiatives. This was followed with roles in Product & Communications in Doha, Qatar where she played a pivotal role in establishing the new op-co and in Global Projects in London as part of Vodafone Group. In her current role at Vodafone UK, Michelle leads the Digital team in Vodafone Business.