Paulina Sygulska

Entrepreneur, an angel investor, a TEDx speaker and a founder of GrantTree

Paulina is an entrepreneur, an angel investor, a TEDx speaker and a founder of GrantTree, started with a purpose to help tech startups navigate the complex world of government funding. Since 2010 the team grew organically from 2 to over 50, and raised over £200m for more than 600 technology startups and scaleups using solely government funding schemes. GrantTree is also an open culture company which pioneered a self set salary scheme, and an empowering culture governed by holacracy. 

Paulina is also a seed investor and a startup mentor, who features as a keynote speaker at technology conferences worldwide. She has been interviewed by the BBC, the Financial Times, the Guardian, featured on Channel 5, in the Huffington Post, on Virginstartups.com and many more. 

Fun fact: she is also the author of “Laid Bare: what the business leader learnt from the stripper” describing leadership lessons she learnt as a burlesque dancer, coming out in November. Pre-order: http://www.paulinatenner.com/book