Phil Hobden

Head of Education at Capitalise
Financial Management | DAY 2 - 2.35pm

With a background in financial services & the Fintech accountancy sectors, Phil has worked for some of the largest and most innovative businesses across these industries.  

Whilst at HSBC Phil designed, piloted and rolled out a successful national training academy program helping hundreds of new employees start their careers in the bank whilst at Furtli he launched the forecasting software successfully into the South African market in the year it was voted Xero Practice App of the Year.

As Head of Education for Capitalise,  Phil leads the external accountant education programme as part of our vision to empower 10,000 accountants to better support their clients with access to finance: whether that be delivering the Capitalise on site pro education to top 250 accounting firms to developing or rolling out the new partner education journey to leading niche and smaller firms across the UK.  

Formally he was CEO and producer at Modern Life?, a UK media consultancy and production company, which saw their projects released in over 20 territories globally.  Additionally, Phil is a regular contributor for Elite Business Magazine online, podcaster and public speaker, having spoken at Elite Business Live, Accountex, QuickBooks Get Connected and guested on numerous industry podcasts and webinars.