Russell Dalgleish

Russell Dalgleish

Founder & Managing Partner of Exolta Capital Partners

Russell Dalgleish is a prominent Scottish entrepreneur and investor with a notable track record in the international technology sector. As the founding Managing Partner of Exolta Capital Partners and the Founding Chair of the Scottish Business Network, he plays a pivotal role in advising and supporting business leaders and entrepreneurs in achieving global success.

With a wealth of experience in leadership roles for international companies across Europe, the US, and Asian markets, Russell now focuses on assisting companies in developing and implementing international growth strategies. His investment interests lie in early-stage opportunities, particularly in sectors such as Govtech, Smart Cities, Fintech, and climate change technology.

Russell’s core areas of expertise encompass Leadership, Innovation, Investment, and Entrepreneurship, primarily within fast-growing companies. He is a sought-after speaker and conference host, having shared his insights at events worldwide. In recognition of his contributions, he was named one of Scotland’s “Unsung Heroes” in December 2022.

His roles and accolades include holding multiple non-executive and board advisory positions, being a member of the Board of Trade for Scotland, founding the GovTech Cluster in Scotland, and serving on the advisory board for Civtech, a leading Govtech innovation hub. Russell is also a Board member of the Asia Scotland Institute and represents the UK Government’s Department of International Trade Global Entrepreneur Programme, attracting international entrepreneurs to Scotland.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Russell is a Founding Director of the Net Zero Nation, addressing carbon footprint reduction in SMEs, and actively works to address gender imbalances in business through support for the Association of Scottish Business Women and Changing the Chemistry organizations. As an advisor to disruptive-led companies in the UK and US, and an investor/advisor to Par Equity, Scotland’s leading angel investor fund, Russell contributes significantly to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.