Trusha Lakhani

Award winning business coach

Trusha is a successful award winning business coach, a virtual Finance Director and a Non-Executive Director for an energy accreditation company. She volunteers as a college governor as well as a Board member of ACCA Corporate Sector panel, including past member of our International Assembly and immediate past Chair of ACCA Leicestershire panel. Trusha has been a member of the ACCA since 1997. She has always worked in a strongly commercial arena, mostly on business growth projects and Board support for SMEs.

Strategic planning and financial models have been the mainstay of Trusha’s work as she mostly worked in growth areas and acquisitions, plans were paramount and constantly changing. Trusha is very comfortable with the fast-paced need for figures, from both the financial and operational areas of a business to quickly maneouver for best advantage whilst the business retains it’s values.

Trusha has worked in multinationals, Global charities and mostly SME’s where she truly brings strong financial acumen. She left a role as a Finance Director of a successful business to help more businesses as a Coach.

Throughout her career, Trusha has advocated that the natural environment and sustainability of businesses be considered as part of the value system.  In every business that she has worked, Trusha not only includes sustainability as part of Board discussions, she also has a practical approach to support all levels of the organisation so that her focus of ‘People, Profit and Planet’ work for all areas of the business. Her strong belief that looking after people ethically and our planet also results in healthy profits is easily visible in her approach. 

Now working as a Business Coach in her own company ‘Great Business Matters’ as an Actioncoach, Trusha intends to continue helping more Boards grow their businesses whilst looking after their community and the planet.