Nicola Cook

Seminar speaker

Nicola Cook
Company Shortcuts

Originally from a blue-chip background Nicola held senior sales positions at American Express, Procter & Gamble and Gucci, before joining the board of a fast growing scale-up and was part of the management team that led it through to a trade sale exit.

She launched her own consulting firm in 2004 and is now a shareholder of three companies including the fast growing Company Shortcuts, which she co-owns with Lara Morgan, Described as 'the UK’s leading sales acceleration agency’, Company Shortcuts is solely focused on helping ambitious scale-ups overcome the challenges of scaling the sales function of their business.

Nicola is twice internationally published, speaks internationally, was named NE Women Entrepreneur in 2011 and was a 2015 finalist at the BESMA (British Excellence in Sales & Marketing Awards) in the ‘Best sales trainer in the UK’ category, while Company Shortcuts was a finalist in the 'Best Training centre’ category.

Seminar Title: Future proofing your Sales Engine - adapting to changing buyer trends

Workshop Title: Tuning your Sales Engine for Growth: A practical guide