Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you have any measures in place to keep attendees safe at the venue with current concerns on Covid-19
A. One of the reasons we’re working with The Hilton Group is because of the level of their safety measures for events just like this.  Click Here.
Q. What are the times of the event if I’m attending in person?
A. The venue is open from 07:45 giving you time to register and collect your VIP pass and familiarise yourself with the event venue. Morning networking is optional and will commence around 08:00. The actual event and production of Elite Business Live starts at 09:15 sharp. Remember it’s a livestream broadcast event, so if you’re not in the studio area in time, you’ll have to wait until the next session. There are regular breaks throughout the day. The conference finishes at 16:30, you have the opportunity to join some of the speakers from the day and other VIP’s in our evening networking session post event in the VIP area. This is from 16:30 – 18:00 when the event closes.
Q. Where is the Hilton conference centre in Kensington? What’s the easiest way to get there and is there parking?
A. For full information on the venue and the various ways you can visit Click Here.
Q. Do I have to attend the conference and all the sessions throughout the day?
A. No, this is your event to attend the sessions that matter to you, all we ask is that if you do start and attend one of the sessions, is that you arrive prompt before it commences and that you see it through to the end. As we will be broadcasting each session live to 1’000’s of individuals viewing remotely so we want to keep the experience special for everyone. Without them having to listen to you taking an ‘important call’ mid-session. We also have Interactive Breakout Sessions in a different studio which take place at different times that you may wish to attend, instead of some of the conference sessions.

Q. Can I only attend the Interactive Breakout Sessions virtually via zoom? And will I need to register if I’m already a VIP attendee at the venue?
A. You can attend the Interactive Breakout Sessions in person at the venue, we have round tables set-up so you can join the session. The Interactive breakout sessions are free to attend and can be attended virtually or in-person. However you will need to register on-line prior to the event. Click Here to view our Interactive breakout sessions page and how to register.
Q. If I miss one of the sessions can I get access to watch it again after the event?
A. All of the sessions throughout the conference are recorded and you can access them on-demand after the event. We release them weekly via our Elite Business e-Newsletter and you can access them via our YouTube channel Here.
If you have any other questions at all, please feel free to contact the team on 0345 299 3691 or send us a message, Click Here for our contact us page.