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8. Why boosting your leadership skills is critical to the growth of your business.

Aaron Tan

Change starts with you as a business leader but many founders and senior leaders of small businesses have never completed any formal business training. Often, they are brilliant in their field but struggle when it comes to knowing how to manage and lead a business, and critically take their team on the journey with them.

In this session, Aaron Tan, Programme Director at Greenwich Business School explores how taking a step back to think about your role as a leader, develop your leadership skills and evolve your business strategy can positively impact business growth.

In this honest and thought-provoking session, Aaron talks to two Help to Grow: Management Course alumni about their leadership journey, the challenges they faced, what they have changed and why becoming a more confident leader is important for business growth.


  • Understand the importance of taking time out from working “in your business” to work “on your business”
  • Hear how Ash steered his business from the brink of bankruptcy to an award-winning design company
  • Hear how Susan’s decision to say “yes” created opportunities to appear on the stage with Theo Paphitis
  • Understand the role mentoring and peer group support plays in becoming a more confident leader
  • Think about what you need to make the transition from expert in your field to successful business leader

Our Interactive Breakout Seminar sessions are designed to bring real-life experiences and clear advice to entrepreneurs focused on business growth.

They are included in either your livestream or on-site studio delegate experience and availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. At 45 minutes long, these sessions are the ideal place to pick-up valuable business learnings and learn from other industry experts who have face similar hurdles to you.

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Having experienced the highs and lows of running multiple small businesses including the family restaurant, Aaron now leads the delivery of the Help to Grow: Management Course at Greenwich Business School, a practical, 90% government-funded leadership course for SMEs. He brings a passion for all things business to his teaching role, dividing his team equally between young business leaders in the making, and those more seasoned entrepreneurs who are seeking the skills and confidence to take their business to the next level.

Alumi guests:
Ash Chawla, Founder and CEO, Duke of Design
Susan Bonner, Founder, The British Craft House