Breakout sessions


4. Embracing Failure is essential to success!

conXhub presents... not your normal breakout session. 3 successful professionals will share their journeys to success... journeys absolutely littered with bad decisions, financial disasters, political upheaval and other mishaps along the way.
Nick Muir, Victor Horcasitas, Mark Trowbridge & Lisa Palmer

Our point is to introduce the acceptance of of failure. Rather than be viewed as shameful or embarrassing, it is instead a necessary experience that often provides the keys to success.

It will be done in a relaxed environment to enable laughter and learning, leaving all-comers with a positive attitude towards the difficult challenges we and our fellow professionals have to face.

Our session format will be:

  • 4 x speakers sharing stories of professional failure
  • Each speaker will have 7 mins to share their story and lessons learned
  • Audience has a few mins to ask some questions


  • To provide an innovative and easy way of discussion business failure
  • Showing failure as an opportunity for learning
  • Banish the idea of difficult conversation
  • Mistakes should not carry stigma
  • Introducing the idea that talking about failure is crucial


  • Stories of business mistakes and epic fails told with humour and empathy


  • Introduce a culture of success through failure
  • Demonstrate that setbacks will help you grow
  • Mistakes will be celebrated just like many others celebrate success
  • Encourage ‘no judgement’ work environments to examine things that led to errors 

Our Interactive Breakout Seminar sessions are designed to bring real-life experiences and clear advice to entrepreneurs focused on business growth.

They are included in either your livestream or on-site studio delegate experience and availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis. At 45 minutes long, these sessions are the ideal place to pick-up valuable business learnings and learn from other industry experts who have face similar hurdles to you.

Please note you can either attend our Interactive Breakout Sessions at the Leonardo Royal in person, please Click here for information on venue location.

You can attend virtually on this page at the date/ time of the Interactive Breakout Session, which is free to attend. To attend in-person you will need to obtain an on-site studio pass. For more information on this Click here for tickets.

In-person attendance at Leonardo Royal, St Paul’s, London are strictly on a first come, first serve basis and the amount of in-person seats are limited. Please ensure you book early above to avoid disappointment. Once registered we will send you a reminder via email closer to the session.

Nick Muir: CEO of conXhub and NED at Blackfinch.

Nick is a proven innovator with 30 years of experience working for blue-chip technology corporations. Nick has managed a mix of businesses across Europe along with a few start-ups / scale-ups - including Bullitt, Remade, Wileyfox and Motorola with some epic fails along the way!

Victor HorcasitasVictor Horcasitas - Investor, Advisor and not afraid of failing.

Victor sits on company boards across Import-Export, Fin Tech, SaaS, Prop Tech, and Telecom sectors. He has 25 years of experience with investing x-border capital raising, M&A and GTM implementation. He is nearly as experienced with failure as he is with success!

Mark Trowbridge - Founder & CVO of conXhub,

Mark is a seasoned telecoms and technology entrepreneur and has successfully run LCR, VoIP and MVNO operations with US Dept. Of Defense and Shell Oil. Mark has been at the cutting edge of cellular software for the last 20 years and continues to drive innovation in his field. Mark is a highly engaging conversationalist who has more than one clanger to share!

LisaPalmer_Image2Lisa Palmer: Award-winning entrepreneur & author

Lisa is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and editor-in-chief of an award-winning luxury lifestyle magazine Mind Jump. Additionally, Lisa is a relationship expert and matchmaker, described by Piers Morgan as 'the cupid for millionaires'.

She has worked with Royalty, the Rich, Famous, and on occasion Infamous! She has also spoken and appeared on all the major TV News and Entertainment channels in the UK and is therefore more than qualified to share a blunder or two!
CEO Monthly Female CEO of the Year Awards 2022  - Dating and Relationship Expert Lisa Palmer.
Winner International Businesswoman Awards 2022 -  Lisa Holley Palmer relationship expert".
Winner Lisa Holley Palmer  - Icon Awards 2023